Sunday, August 19, 2012

Newish toms

I found this wonderful blog, Musings of an Adventurer, and immediately fell in love. The link should take you to the blog. The third post on the page, upcycled toms, is where I got my inspiration for this next project.

I actually did this a while ago, maybe two or three weeks ago, just after I found the blog. If you haven't gone to the link and looked at the third post, you should, or none of this will make any sense. The post was about putting fabric over toms with holes on them. But I wanted to be able to wear mine more often, so, I decided to do mine all in one color. I wanted to completely cover the shoe. I have two pairs of fake toms, one of which I really didn't like. Here's a picture of what I wanted the design of the new ones to look like:

Of course, I was using different fabric but that's the basic design. Mine looked like this: 

I didn't really like them, so I decided to try it. I kind of followed the tutorial on the blog, but I pretty much just winged it. Here's one next to the undone one: 

So what do YOU think: Are they cute? Did I succeed? 


  1. I've seen them in person and can attest that they are cute.

  2. Hey cutie, I like your blog! my blog is Musings of an Adventurer, btw. Haha, I'm glad you liked the tutorial! I've wanted to try covering shoes completely in fabric and it's nice to see it works and it looks totally awesome. Nice job. We should be blog buddies ;)

  3. where them to school on monday