Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This is my thought process today:

As you might have seen, (if I'm in your Google+ circles) I'm having a Gandhi kind of day. So, since I felt like blogging, and I needed some place to write my crazily cheesy quotes, I decided to drown you guys in inspirational (kind of) messages.

Sometimes, when we think of beautiful, we picture barbies, and cover girl makeup, designer jeans and pop stars. If always think like that, beauty will be a foreign concept. That kind of beauty is unattainable. But all of us can be beautiful. We already are. We think beautiful thoughts. We say beautiful things. We help other beautiful people. We live a beautiful life.

The human spirit and will is one thing that is constantly changing for better or worse, and if we stop that process, and force each other to be the noraml, to stay inside the box, the world will stay in one place, and never improve.

If we give up, what's left in the world? If we give up, we'll all stay where we are. Cancer won't ever end. Wars will never stop. If we give up, we aren't going to change anything. But if we don't, whatever we do will be better than that.

Life can change. Life can be crazy. But so can we. And we will, and we do, and we have. So live your life, change with your life, and be CrAzY with your life.

Those little things in life, those things that are never gone, like a little sister, or homework, or housework, or anything else. Those are the things we remember. Those are the things we will look back at, and think about. So remember them, savor them, and treasure them.

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  1. Wait... r u saying that my sister will NEVER go away?!?!? Jk! i love you waverly